The Virtues of Spanish 21

November 14, 2013

If you can operate on the assumption that you are not going to get an edge on any of these casino games that operate with the random number generator (RNG), then you can perhaps take a shot adding some spice to one of those games. The game in question today is blackjack, and the variation that might add a little color is Spanish 21.

Is this a game that is worthwhile to play? Let's explore some of the reasons why you should:

(1) A player's total of 21 will always beat a dealer's total of 21. That goes for any and all hands in which additional cards must be taken to a hand.

(2) You can get nice odds for some of the unusual combinations. For example, a combination of 6-7-8 will pay at 3-to-2 odds. Three sevens, of any suit, will pay the same odds, and if they are all the same suit, it's 2-to-1. This is an option that is not available in a conventional game of blackjack.

(3) Generally, you can have very liberal pair splitting rules, in that you can split a pair up to four times, and sometimes re-splitting Aces is also allowed.

(4) Surrender is usually allowed in this game. This permits you to save half the bet on a hand once you have been dealt your cards and you get a look at the dealer's up card. This is a big boon for the player who uses this option smartly, because it reduces the damage that is done by getting a "stiff" hand. .

(5) In "regular" blackjack, when a player gets a blackjack and the dealer gets a blackjack, it is a push. In Spanish 21, the player wins those pushes.

(6) When you can make the total of 21 with more than four cards, you can get paid a bonus. For instance, a five-0card 21 will pay at 3-to-2 odds. When it's a six-card 21, that payout is 2-to-1. And in the unlikely event that you would make 21 with seven or more cards you'll be paid 3-to-1. Not that those are odds that reflect the true odds of it happening, but it's a little gravy if you get lucky.

(7) You can take advantage of a "Match the Dealer" bet in which you can make a side bet in a special circle on the layout and then, of course, make your regular Spanish 21 bet. Winning this side bet realizes a bonus for you.

Give it a try and maybe you'll have some fun!

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