Mobile Casinos for NZ Players - iPhone, iPad and Android Compatible

Mobile and tablet casino gambling is fast over-taking traditional desktop casino gambling around the world and the same is true in New Zealand. Many of us find ourselves constantly on the move and doing certain things from the weekly online shopping to paying the bills on our smartphone device and gambling is just another one of those things that players are finding is more convenient to do on mobile.

All of our featured NZ online casinos are available on mobile and these impressive mobile casinos can be accessed using any modern smartphone or tablet device. If you have already signed up to one of our NZ online casinos from your desktop or laptop computer, the good news is that you can use those same login details to enter the mobile version of that same casino.

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New Zealand Mobile & Tablet Online Gambling FAQ

Q Are the online casino games for mobile and tablet devices as good as they are on desktop?

You could say that today’s mobile casino games are just as good as they are on desktop, but on a smaller scale. The player controls may look slightly different when you compare the mobile and desktop version of the same game, but apart from that pretty much everything else is the same. The graphics, animated sequences, sound effects and overall gameplay are basically the same.

The only difference when using a mobile or tablet device to play at online casinos is that the screen you viewing the action on is much smaller. For example most desktop monitors and laptop screen sizes today can start from 24 inches whereas the mobile and tablet screens are tiny in comparison. If you enjoy watching films and YouTube videos on your smartphone/tablet device then you should also enjoy playing on your favourite casino games on your handset.

Q What happens if I am disconnected due to a network issue while I am playing on the go (i.e. on a train or as a passenger in a car)?

This is a good question. You will occasionally find that disconnection from a game does actually happen, but the casino is always on your side. The worst time this could happen would be half way through a free spins bonus when playing on your favourite online pokie or just as the ball has been released around the roulette wheel.

If you do get disconnected half way through playing a game, don’t panic. The next time your login to your account you will be taken back to the exact point of the game where the interruption occurred. In other words, you won’t miss out on anything and so there’s nothing to worry about or get angry about.

Q Are mobile and tablet casino games compatible with most types of devices and operating systems out there?

The simplest answer is yes. You can play on a wide range of mobile casino games using almost any modern smartphone or tablet device. However the best thing to do would be to check with the casino support that you will be able to access the games with the current mobile device that you are using.

They should have a complete list of compatible devices for you. If you happen to be using anything other than a smartphone or tablet device that wasn’t made within the past five to seven years you might have trouble trying to access the games so make sure that you check with the casino before you sign up from your mobile device.

Q Can I wager as much cash on games on my mobile and tablet devices as I would on my desktop?

Yes. You can wager just as much on mobile as you can on desktop. For example low rollers can still play on their favourite pokie from just NZ$0.20 to NZ$0.50 per spin and high rollers can still spend silly amounts such as NZ$200.00 to NZ$500.00 or more per spin. The same goes for table & card games, progressive games, video pokers and all of the other games.

Most mobile roulette games still generally require a minimum NZ$1.00 bet per spin and most mobile blackjack games also generally require a minimum NZ$0.50 to NZ$1.00 bet per hand. Therefore you can still bet big or small on mobile. There’s absolutely no difference between the betting range on mobile and desktop casino games.

About Mobile & Tablet Online Casino Gambling

All of our featured NZ online casinos are currently available on mobile and they have been for several years now. If you are anything like us, we tend to play equally as much on mobile as we do from our home computers. When we are out and about and fancy having a flutter we can now conveniently and discreetly play on our favourite games directly from the palm of our hands and this is something that we love being able to do.

Today’s mobile casinos basically mean that we are no longer restricted to only being able to play at home on our clunky desktop and laptop computers. We can now literally play wherever we want. You can play on the bus or in the car or even on a train or in the great outdoors. There are very few places where you can’t play on mobile. You can literally play from almost anywhere as long as you have enough connectivity and as long as you have a decent charge on your battery.

If you have already registered an account with any of our top-rated NZ online casinos from your desktop or laptop computer, remember that you can use those same login details to enter the mobile version of that same casino. In other words you won’t need to register your details again and better still you can even claim a new player welcome bonus when you play in the mobile casino for the very first time. The initial mobile casino welcome bonus that you are generally entitled to is a matching deposit bonus and this can usually only ever be claimed on your first ever deposit.

You may find that only around half as many games are available on mobile compared to the desktop version of the same casino, but the good news is that brand new games are being added all the time. The first games that arrived on mobile where the most popular, proven performing titles and now each time a new game is released on desktop it will also usually arrive on mobile on the same day. Most software providers today launch at least one or two new mobile games per month throughout the year and this means that there is always something new to look forward to.

Once you have logged in to your gaming account from your handheld device you can head straight to the cashier and choose from a variety of popular NZ online deposit options to instantly get money into your account. Deposit and withdrawing on mobile is just as easy as on desktop and the same reliable payment methods are generally available on both platforms.

If you haven’t ever played on mobile before but fancy doing so, why not head over to one of our featured NZ online casinos today and head straight to the mobile casino section for more details. Alternatively you can visit the casino directly from your mobile device by clicking on one of our secure links. You can use your mobile device to sign up to the casino without having to use your desktop or laptop computer and then you can be ready to play in a matter of seconds without the need to download any software onto your device.