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The payout percentages at online casinos basically give us an idea as to how much the casino is actually paying back to its players in winnings over a certain period of time and this information is a good indicator as to how trustworthy the online casino operator actually is. Don’t forget that it is the Random Number Generators that produce the outcomes at online casinos.

This page will briefly discuss how online casino payout percentages are calculated and it will also take a look at some of the top payout New Zealand online casinos and which software providers power these trustworthy NZ gambling sites.

Listing of Top Payout NZ Online Casinos in June 2024

About Payout Percentages at Online Casinos

All online casino games today contain a Random Number Generator (RNG) which produces the results that you see when playing on the pokies, table games, card games, video poker machines and any other games. Although the reels appear as though they are spinning, this is in fact an illusion. However, the results that are determined by this mathematical algorithm programs have no discernible pattern and will constantly produce results that are as fair as can be.

Certain reputable online casino testing agencies and other third party auditors will constantly check that the RNG’s are working properly at online casinos by playing each game millions of times over an extremely short period of time. This gives us accurate average payout rates and it’s the only real way that we can check to see that the casino games are in fact producing fair and random outcomes.

Just because one casino has an average 98.00% payout rate, it doesn’t mean to say that you as an individual are likely to win more money compared to an online casino that has an average 95.00% payout rate. You will also find that some players will only ever look for the casinos with the highest payout rates, but you are just as likely to win/lose the same amount of cash at either of these casinos. For example there’s still an element of luck involved. It’s just that your luck is now determined by a computer program that generates the outcomes for you rather than good old lady luck.

The one good thing about this is that online casinos have much better RTP % payout rates than land based casinos. As mentioned, online casinos tend to have a 93.00% or higher RTP % rate whereas a land based casino and certain individual games at land based casinos may only have an average payout rate somewhere in the region of 65.00% to 75.00%. Therefore online casinos pay back more in winnings than land based casinos do. This fact alone should make you want to at least check out some of our top-rated New Zealand online casinos.

We cannot guaranteed that you will win, but we can maintain that the payout rates are higher than at land based casinos and they are also higher at our casinos than at thousands of other online casinos out there today. All of our reviewed NZ online casinos often rank amongst the top paying online casinos in the world and they consistently produce similar high payout rates from month to month.

It may sometimes seem as though you are on a winning streak or on a losing streak at an online casino, but the streak that you are on is still down to randomness. However, in the very unlikely event that you do notice some unusual about the results on any games that you happen to be playing on, the best thing to do would be to report your findings to the casino (screenshots, written account etc.). The casino will always have a record of the results and they will be able to check whether anything untoward has actually happened and whether or not there is a problem/fault with their software.

Online Casino Payout Percentage FAQ

Q What are payout percentages at online casinos and how do these work?

The payout percentage tells us how much, on average, the casino games have paid out in winnings. Let’s just say that the players have spent NZ$2,500,000.00 on all of the games at the casino over the course of a particular month of the year. For arguments sake let’s say the month being reviewed was January.

If the players received a total of NZ$2,436,500.00 back in winnings it means that the casino games had a 97.46 RTP % payout rate in January and that the remaining NZ$63,500.00 (or 2.54%) ended up as profit for the casino operator. The payout rate is often calculated for individual game categories and also for individual games.

Q Are payout percentages consistent between casinos operated by the same software provider?

At many of our featured NZ online casinos that are powered by the same software provider you will find that the payout percentage rates are often fairly consistent. For example the average RTP % payout rate for all games combined at most of our Microgaming powered casinos is generally somewhere between 93.00% and 98.00%.

Sometimes this average payout rate will vary by 1.00% - 5.00% each month and this can often reach above 100.00%. In extremely rare cases this could drop to as low as 91.00% - 92.00%, but this is very uncommon. In other words, all of our featured NZ online casinos have quite high payout rates.

Q Do the operators of online casinos powered by Microgaming and Playtech have the ability to alter the payout percentages of the games they offer at their casinos?

The online casino operators that control all of our most highly recommended Microgaming and Playtech powered casinos DO NOT have the ability to alter the payout percentages of the games they offer at their casinos. However, some online casino operators do have this ability and these unscrupulous operators have been known to alter these rates in their favour, giving them even more of a ‘house edge’ over the player.

You can rest assured that the random outcomes will be fairly consistent at all of our casinos, while still being as realistic and as fair as can be. We would never recommend playing at an online casino that has an average monthly RTP % payout rate of 90.00% or less.

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