No Download Casinos for Kiwi Pokies & Casino Gambling

When you visit any of our top-rated New Zealand online casinos you will be given several play mode options. You can either play instantly in your web browser or from within a perfectly secure download client (when using a desktop or laptop computer) or you can play at the mobile casino from your smartphone or tablet device.

This page will be discussing No Download Casinos and the ability to play at these casinos without having to worry about downloading any programs onto your computer. All of the online casinos that we have reviewed for you right here on this website have the no-download option available.

Listing of Top No Download Instant Play Online Casinos

About No Download Instant Play Online Casinos

No-download online casino software was originally viewed as the backup option when playing at online casinos. For example most players would rather download the free casino software to enjoy everything that the casino has to offer rather than play instantly in their web browser. However, no-download online casino software has dramatically improved over the past few years and this platform is now equally as exciting and impressive as the numerous downloadable casino programs that are currently available.

In fact you could say that many players now prefer NOT to play at the download casino and would rather play at the instant version of the same casino. Why would you download a program onto your computer from the internet when you don’t have to? Especially when today’s games at no-download casinos are just as impressive and when they load just as quick, if not quicker than the games at download casinos.

The great thing is that you have this option available if you are using a Windows operating system, whereas Mac users don’t have the download option available. If you do have a Mac computer and fancy playing at an online casino, you can only play instantly in your web browser.

However, Mac users aren’t really missing out on anything (apart from the pokie tournaments & multi-player games at Microgaming casinos) and they still have plenty to look forward to at all of our top-rated New Zealand online casinos in terms of a wide selection of games and frequent promotional offers.

You will even find that some of our featured online casinos are entirely non-downloadable and this means that everything the casino has to offer can be found right there on the website. Some leading online casino software providers such as NetEnt, IGT Interactive and Betsoft Gaming only specialise in developing no-download casino games and their games can now be found at a top-rated NZ online casino called Vera & John Casino.

Recent improvements in internet speeds and connectivity around the world and also the advances in computing technologies mean that non-downloadable online casino software such as the HTML5 platform is the better option and the far more convenient option for players around the world.

Playing at no-download casinos will free up space on your computer and you will be amazed by the quality of the games. There’s basically no difference in the overall quality of the graphics and sounds when you compare today’s downloadable casino games to no-download casino games.

When all websites have fully transitioned from Flash to HTML5, not only will you notice the improvements that were mentioned above, you will also see an improvement in both the responsiveness and efficiency in various other aspects of the websites. If you are looking to play in the real money mode right now at a trusted no-download casino, feel free to visit our New Zealand online casino review section and check out some of the reviews. You can sign up to these casinos for free and you can be playing on a wide range of games in no time at all.

No Download Instant Play Online Casino FAQ

Q What is a no-download online casino?

No Download Casinos are also often referred to by both players and operators as Instant Play Casinos, Instant Casinos, Flash Casinos, HTML5 casinos or Non-Downloadable Casinos. These are the casinos that you can access without the need to download or install any programs onto your computer from the internet.

You can literally open your favourite web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) and then visit your favourite casino website where you can find a wide range of games that can be launched instantly in your browser. The games at most no-download casinos today take just a couple of seconds to load. They will either launch right there on the page or in a separate window and the size of this game window can generally be adjusted by the player.

Q Why are no-download software providers transitioning from using Flash technology to power their games using HTML5?

Essentially, HTML5 is fast becoming the no download platform of choice at websites around the world and it is already the standard instant play platform at today’s mobile and tablet casinos. Google’s Chrome web browser will eventually start blocking Flash by default requiring users to enable Flash on a per site visited basis.

Flash based games at online casinos will eventually be replaced with HTML5 games and the transition for operators going from Flash to HTML5 is already underway and will be straightforward. The two main advantages of HTML5 include faster page loading times and improved security. HTML5 is more efficient that Flash and it can even reduce power consumption on handheld devices, so it’s a win-win for both players and operators.

Q Are there any benefits to playing at no-download online casinos vs other options that may be available?

There are some benefits to playing at no-download casinos vs other options such as the download version of the casino and one of the main benefits to not downloading is that you don’t have to go through the installation process and you don’t have to launch any programs each time you want to have a flutter on any of your favourite games.

Simply open your web browser, visit your favourite casino and then login right there on the homepage. You can launch the games in matter of seconds either in the real money mode or in the free play demo mode which means that there’s never any waiting around. You don’t have to worry about download updates or software bugs causing casino programs to crash when you play instantly in your web browser.

Q Are there any downsides to playing no-download online casinos?

There are very few downsides to playing at no-download online casinos, although when you do have the option to download or play instantly in your web browser we would always recommend that you download the free casino software onto your computer. This generally gives you access to EVERYTHING that the casino has to offer.

For example when you play instantly in your web browser at our featured Microgaming casinos you will have access to fewer games and you also won’t have access to Microgaming’s Multi-Player & Tournament network which has several multi-player games available and also runs some of the best daily, weekly and monthly online pokie tournaments in the world.

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