Playing Online Pokies for the First Time

February 4, 2021

When playing online pokies for the very first time, there are certain things that you should bear in mind before you hit the spin button, especially if you’re about to play in the real money mode at any of our reviewed NZ casino sites. When the online pokie that you’re looking to have a few spins on has loaded, the first thing you need to do is set your stake. This is the amount that you are willing to spend per spin. You can set your stake by using the player controls that are usually located below the reels.

Some online pokies come with adjustable paylines, which means that you can adjust how many paylines will be active when you hit the spin button. I always recommend playing with the FULL amount of paylines active per spin, so you never miss out on a win. Let’s just say you are playing on a 50-paylined online pokie with adjustable paylines. The minimum cost per spin would start from NZ$0.50. If you can’t afford to spend NZ$0.50 per spin, instead of reducing the number of paylines that are active, the best thing to do would be to just close the game and try to find an online pokie that has maybe just 10 or 15 paylines.

One of the other reasons why I suggest setting your stake, to begin with, is because the default stake on some games can be set to an amount that some of us can’t afford. For example, you may launch that same 50-paylined online pokie, and the default stake per spin may be set to NZ$2.50. If you only deposited NZ$20.00 into your casino account, then you would only get eight spins (that’s if you don’t win on those eight spins) and perhaps less than a minute of playing time.

You can increase your playing time simply by reducing your stake to perhaps NZ$0.25 per spin, which would give you a minimum of 80 spins, and a lot more playing time. There are thousands of online pokies out there today, and they can have anywhere from 10 paylines up to 100 paylines. You can also find a similar number of online pokies that have Win Ways (or Megaways), which are basically the same as paylines. These games tend to have anywhere from 243 win ways up to, in some cases, more than 200,000 different ways to win per spin.

However, this doesn’t mean to say that it will cost you more per spin just because it has more ‘win ways.’ For example, you’ll find that with Megaways pokies out there today, you can play from as little as NZ$0.10 per spin up to around NZ$100-200 per spin, and there’s no way you can adjust how many Win Ways/Megaways the spin is played with. If you’re looking to play some of the world’s best online pokies for the very first time right now, go to any of our reviewed NZ casino sites today and register your free account. Don’t forget to set your stake, and don’t forget to claim your guaranteed new player welcome bonus that you are entitled to when you deposit for the very first time at any of these casinos.

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