You May Want to Choose Three-Card Poker

February 16, 2015

We know, based on the feedback we get from some of our readers, that they are always looking for something useful as far as different and interesting games are concerned. As a result, we are always mindful of presenting things that might add to your level of enjoyment, relative to your online casino experience.

We can tell you that one of the more interesting "alternative:" games you are going to find is Three-Card Poker, which can be located at many online casinos. It is actually very simple and straight-forward, and includes enough decision-making to bring strategy into the situation. Are you game?

This game is played at a table that is not unlike that of a blackjack table. This is how it proceeds: You get to play against the house by making what is called as an "ante" bet. Then you are dealt three cards. At this point there are a couple of different decisions you can make. One of them is make a "Play" bet, which is equal to the Ante wager. Another thing you can do is to out forward a "Pair Plus" wager, which we are going to discuss in a moment. The other option is to get out of the hand - somewhat similar to folding - by giving up the Ante bet.

If you proceed with the Play wager, the dealer (representing the house, of course) then reveals their cards. What is required for the dealer to continue is to have at least a Queen High. If that is not the case, you would win an even money bet on your Ante and get the Play bet returned to you. So what happens if the dealer's hand does indeed qualify? Well, that now necessitates a discussion of what the "Pair Plus" bet is. This is a bet that will pit the actual rank of your hand against a schedule of payouts. For example, a pair pays even money; a Flush is 3-to-1; a Straight is 6-to-1; Three-of-a-Kind pays 30-to-1 and a Straight Flush pays off at 50-to-1 odds. If you really get lucky, you'll have a "Mini-Royal," which is a Queen, King and Ace of the same suit, which will return 100-to-1.

When the dealer qualifies, and your hand winds up beating theirs, both the Play wager and the Ante wager pay off at even money. Any hand where you make a Pair Plus bet with your Ante wager and do not make a Play wager, you would wind up forfeiting only the Ante wager. Remember that you are not playing against the house with the Pair Plus bet. So as you can see, there are multiple ways to win.

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