Why Should You Play Online Rather Than Offline?

September 17, 2013

We think it is a better idea for you to play casino games online rather than in an online casino, and at the risk of sounding self-serving, we think we can defend that in a number of different ways.

Which ways are those?

• For one thing, you don't have to tip anybody when you're playing on a computer. Admit it - when you go into a physical casino, there is always that anxiety over when to tip the dealer, or how much. You don't want to come off as a cheapskate, and you want to have some respect for money as well. Sure, you are going to be tempted to tip the dealer on those occasions when you are in a live dealer casino online, but remember that you just can't hand a chip or a dollar bill through your computer screen. We haven't gotten that far advanced yet.

• There are no waitresses to worry about. Isn't it sometimes distracting, not to mention annoying, when you're in the middle of trying make a game-changing decision at, say, the blackjack table, when the waitress comes along, inserts herself between you and the player next to you, and breaks up your concentration? You don't have to concern yourself with that when you are playing online; all you have to worry about are kids running all over the house.

• You can lock yourself in the bedroom while you play. THAT will take care of the problem with the kids.

• You don't have to dress up to go to the casino. Some people want to look their best when they go into a casino, especially if it is a glamorous atmosphere. If you are on alone gambling customer, you can literally test your skill (or try you luck, as it were) in your BVD's (those are underwear, for the uninitiated). You can go naked if you want too. Some people actually like this (remember, in the live dealer casino they don't have two-way vision).

• Nobody laughs at you or butts into your business. Novice blackjack or craps players have told us what gives them the most anxiety when they play in a land-based casino is that they will do something silly or stupid and have somebody laugh at them, and almost just as bad, have one of the other players make a pain-in-the-neck suggestion about what to do.

• And another quick note - no one will ever bother you about playing to slow, or playing badly to the point of affecting their game. When you're online you basically set your own pace, and you only hurt yourself with your bad decisions. Good luck with it.

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