What Will the iPhone 6 Do For Mobile Gambling?

November 17, 2014

Anyone who follows the online gambling industry is aware that it is something driven by technology. They also know that it is moving in the direction of making it more convenient for users of mobile devices to be able to play. At the convergence of all this is the much-anticipated release of Apple's iPhone 6, which has already proven to be a huge seller, with more and more features that bring smartphones to a new level.

And our question is, what effect will this device have on the overall picture as far as mobile gambling is concerned? Some of the answers would appear to be obvious. There is a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, with plans to get even bigger. There will be 5.5-inch screens on this phone, which give it more of the character of a tablet, and this can only serve to enhance the overall mobile gambling experience. You are going to have better resolution this way, better graphics, and maybe even easier loading times. These games will be bigger than life. Anybody who plays online casino games through their phone or tablet can tell you that when you can see the games really well, and they play seamlessly, it is like heaven on earth. It is expected that we could be looking at a game-changer here.

The touchscreen is more advanced as well, and it is more responsive to mobile casino games. That is definitely important, because the experience is interactive; that is, you are pushing or clicking buttons in order to make decisions, wagers, etc. and you don't want to deal with delays that are caused by non-responsiveness.

Microgaming and Playtech, two of the top online casino software designers in the world, have taken the lead in mobile gaming, and they had games that are easily adaptable to the new iPhone 6. This was obviously a mandatory move, because this is where the users are going to be in the future, and on an overall basis, this is where the industry is headed.

What makes some iPhone 6 users who enjoy casino gambling even more excited is the fact that Touch ID, which includes fingerprint technology, is going to be a big factor in terms of identifying players and also facilitating the apparatus to make real money payments over the smartphone.

Currently the Android is the leader when it comes to mobile gambling, but with the iPhone 6, Apple is sure to be gaining ground very fast!

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