What is Most Important About a Casino Review?

November 3, 2014

You can go to a lot of websites and read a lot of reviews about online casinos, but there is no way you could possibly play in all of the casinos that have reviews written about them. And of course, many of them follow the same pattern, as far as explaining what the casino has to offer. But really, what are the things that should be most important to the consumer when reading one of these reviews?

There are people who have strong opinions on this issue. We talked to one of them this week and he explains that a lot of things are relatively similar about most of the casinos, and that when people read reviews, they sometimes become distracted by certain features that are said to exist in the casinos, which may not really be the most important things to consider.

For example, he says that while casino bonuses are a nice enticement, and indeed offer the opportunity for the player to put some additional funds into an account, there are different obligations that must be met for each of these bonus offers, and some of them take a heck of a lot more work than others. The bottom line, according to our contributor, is that if you can get a bonus, fine. And no one should really go to a casino that doesn't have one offered. But don't become distracted by very elaborate offers, because you're going to have to put a lot of money into play, generally speaking, in order to redeem those bonus offers. The bonus is a bonus. Find one with a wagering requirement allows you to redeem and rather soon, and consider other factors.

Is the online casino software important? Well, it is, if that software is not reliable. Otherwise, does it matter all that much if you've got 500 games to choose from, because, as our observer notes, people generally focus in on one game or a group of games, particularly in slots, and stay attached to those games. So as long as a software provider has a respectable selection, that's adequate.

There is the assumption that a player is not looking to jump from one casino to the next on a constant basis, meaning that there will be some loyalty exhibited. In that case, one of the more important parts of a review might be to look at the rewards program. What does it offer? How easy is it to attain different levels? Is a customer automatically enrolled in this VIP program, or do they have to be invited? A clue – it is better to be automatically involved. And not enough stock is put into the quality of customer service. No one wants to sit around and wait to be helped, especially during those critical periods when perhaps you are having a problem depositing money or taking it out. That's when you need someone, even if it is on live chat, to talk to. The idea that "no one is home" is very disconcerting to casino customers.

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