What is Account Verification at Online Casinos?

March 13, 2018

Getting your online casino account fully verified is essential and it’s also really straight forward. Remember that if your details haven’t been fully verified then there will be limitations and restrictions put on your account. These are fairly major limitations and can mean that your account will either be temporarily frozen or locked indefinitely. If you have any funds in your account when it gets locked, unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on them either until you get verified.

However, there are ways that you can avoid this from happening. You can easily get your account fully verified by sending the casino’s account verification department the necessary documents. The best thig to do would be to try and get your account verified as soon as you sign up to the casino. From the moment you send in the documents that were requested of you, you should find that it will take no more than five days for your documents to be verified. In most cases this usually doesn’t take any longer than 48 hours.

You need to complete this process for several different reasons. The main reason is to protect you as a player. The casino just wants to make sure that it is you who is trying to open an account and not someone pretending to be you. Therefore the main aim is to prevent fraudulent activity and it’s also designed to prevent underage gambling. You will need to send a proof of address and a copy of your identification.

The proof of address needs to be something like a recent bill or bank statement. This could be a gas or electric bill or even a mobile phone bill. Just make sure that it has your current address on (the address that matches the one you used when you signed up to the casino) and that it’s less than three months old. Also make sure that it clearly has your full name on. The ID that you send the casino ideally needs to be a scanned colour copy of a valid driver’s license or passport.

Not verifying your account basically means that you won’t be able to deposit & withdraw, so try and get this done as soon as possible. The documents can often be uploaded via the live chat player support feature, or by sending an via email directly to the casino’s verification department. As soon as your details have been verified, any restrictions that were put on your account will now immediately be lifted. If not, just contact the player support and ask them to look in to things for you.

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