What are Rogue Casinos?

July 12, 2016

Unfortunately there are some rogue online casinos that are out there just to scam players out of their hard earned cash, but these dodgy websites are often quite easy to spot and they usually don’t operate for too long before either being shut down, or being blacklisted at almost every online casino review website in the world.

Rogue online casinos are also commonly referred to as either fake online casinos or scam casinos and you can generally tell just by visiting one of these casinos that there is something not quite right. However, some rogue casinos are much harder to spot, so you always have to visit these websites with extreme caution. NONE of the casinos that we have reviewed and recommended for you on this website are rogue in any way.

All of our featured Kiwi online casinos are fully licensed by trusted authorities in some of the world’s major online gambling licensing jurisdictions, they are all controlled by trustworthy operators with proven track records in the online gambling industry, they are all monitored by trusted third party auditors/online casino testing agencies and they are all powered by some of the best online casino software providers in the world.

A rogue online casino is likely to be licensed in what is known as a ‘rubber stamp’ licensing jurisdiction, if licensed at all, and it is also likely to be controlled by a ruthless operator who doesn’t have a proven track record. One of the main problems that we have noticed at rogue casinos is that you can deposit for weeks and months, or even years without any problems, but when it comes to withdrawing, you can pretty much count on there being some kind of problem.

They will either take forever to process your transactions or they will simply not give you your winnings at all. Some rogue online casinos have also been known to use less than trustworthy online casino software which isn’t tested, certified or monitored in any way. In some cases, rogue casino operators have even been known to tamper with their software to give players an even lower chance of ever winning. These scam gambling sites are best avoided at all costs.

You will also find that the player support at a rogue casino is either useless or non-existent. If you have been looking to play in the real money mode at an online casino and if you live in New Zealand, feel free to take a few minutes to browse through our online casino reviews. These are some of the best online casinos in the world, they always give you the bonuses that they promise and they will never hold back your winnings.

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