Understanding Video Poker Variations

February 24, 2014

We have talked about video poker a couple of times on these pages, and we have pointed out that one of the very positive things about it, from the standpoint of your overall orientation as an online gambling customer, is the fact that it looks on your computer almost exactly the way it would look in a land-based casino; that is, it doesn't really take a period of adjustment in order to play the version of it that you would play online. The game is played almost exactly the same way, in fact. However, there are certain adjustments that have to be made in a video poker game if you are going to get the most out of it.

If you are wandering around a land-based casino, you will obviously find a lot of video poker games, and you will probably find some variations on the game as well. However, when you log on to an online casino, all of the different variations are right in front of you, and if you're lucky, you'll be signed up with the casino that has a least a dozen variations. Believe us, it is possible; Microgaming is one company out of several that designs that many variations for the consumer. This can often provide you with much more variety than you can find it an online casino, especially considering the fact that you may have to wait for certain variation of the game because somebody is sitting in front of the available machine.

Jacks or Better is probably the variation of video poker that is the most common. In this game, you will get paid when you achieve a pair of jacks or something better than that. It is very simple. Tens or Better works the same way, except for the fact that you have to get a pair of tens or better. Are you following along so far? There are other games like Deuces Wild where the characteristics of a "variation" really take effect. The game functions in much the same way the title implies – any two (2) is wild, which means that it can be used to complete a winning combination. Quite obviously you would like to get Four Deuces, which is the best hand you can get in this variation, with the exception of a Natural Royal Flush. Of course, you certainly would not dismiss the royal flush that includes a Deuce, which is known as a Wild Royal Flush. The point is, you will change your playing strategy a little bit in order to accommodate a variation. If you are playing Jacks or Better, you may discard a two, but you certainly wouldn't do it when you're playing Deuces Wild.

Take a look at the payouts on the hands, which differ according to the variation, and you'll have a better idea how to strategize.

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