Ten Commandments of Online Gambling - PART TWO

August 27, 2013

You may be the type of person who has not had a lot of success playing in online casinos, or casinos in general. One of the reasons for it is that you may have broken some of the real "commandments" of gaming. If you are one of these people, it is with you in mind that we have created this list of the "Ten Commandments of Online Gambling" which will provide you with a nice road map to have more success than you have been experiencing.

Last time out we had the first three commandments. Now we will present some more:

(4) Be reasonable in your expectations.

• Do you know what you should be expecting when you play? If you're the average player, we bet you don't. Obviously there are some house advantages for these games, and that is one of the reasons you can't be looking to strike it rich when you are playing in an online casino. If you think that if you read a few articles you are suddenly going to set the casino on fire, you're going to be setting yourself up for great disappointment in the event things don't turn out your way.

(5) Take a break every so often.

• You can, without question, drive yourself crazy when you are playing in the online casino. It's not that much different than when you go into the land-based casino, when you have sat at a table for a long time and have to get up and walk around, get some air, perhaps go get something to eat or drink. When you are sitting in front of a computer screen for so long, it can really be a draining experience on your eyes and your brain. Don't let yourself get drained like that, because it invariably leads to bad decisions. In an online casino, you are in much more control, so you can always shut the game off for a little while and take a timeout. Everything will still be there when you get back.

(6) Don't gamble at work.

• A lot of workplaces, if they have a computer network set up in the office, have it arranged so that sites that involve adult entertainment or gambling are blocked. This is not always the case. But if you are putting money forward and gambling at work, you have a problem that needs to be addressed. Don't let it get to the point where you are so crazed about online gambling that it gets in the way of what you have to do on a daily basis. And by all means, don't get fired by getting caught gambling. That would REALLY be crapping out!

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