Some Games Are Better to Just Have Fun and Not "Strategize"

December 30, 2013

If you're going to play in an Internet casino, and you have ideas that you're going to have some success at it, then perhaps it's useful that you know which games you have a chance to do better if you exhibit some skill at what you do. Online casinos are constructed in a certain way where you're not going to have a long-term edge over the house, no matter what you do. Were not revealing any secrets here; those are just the facts. However, it does make sense to go over some of the games and talk about whether you can improve your lot at them by doing certain things right.

For example, baccarat is a game in which there is very little you can do to make your chances better. That's because there is no such thing as a playing strategy for the game. Once you have made your bet on the Player, Banker or the Tie, everything pretty much operates by itself, so it doesn't really matter what you do. In roulette, it's indeed nice to know that your chances in the European version of the game are probably a little better than they are in the American version, and perhaps it's useful to know what all of the different bets are. But since all of them carry the same house advantage, there is, once again, very little you're going to do to reduce that house advantage. So you can be the worst roulette player on earth, and there really isn't much difference between that and being the best roulette player on earth. We hope you understand what we're trying to say.

When you're playing the game of slots, there is also very little "skill" that you can inject into this game that can give you a better chance to profit in the end. We can encourage you to know the rules and payouts, and to manage your money in a certain way so as to avoid the risk of ruin in any one playing session, but we can't show you how to PLAY the game so that you'll have a better chance of being a winner.

As long as you accept the fact that these are games of CHANCE, and not necessarily SKILL, you'll probably have a better chance to have a good time, because you won't be as frustrated by failures, whether they happen in the long-run or short-run.

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