Should You Play Video Poker Without Knowing Something About It?

July 21, 2014

Last time we talked a little about the virtues of playing online slots if, basically, what you are interested in is a leisurely game of chance, surmising that as long as you were going to play a game that was governed by a computer program (in this case the random number generator, or RNG), you might as well work with something in which, if you get lucky, you can make an awful lot of money with a very small investment. Strike that - if you get VERY lucky.

You know, for the most part, blackjack and craps don't offer that kind of thing, and neither does roulette, because unless you are playing very rare progressive version of, say, blackjack, you are going to benefit no more then what the odds are on any given event that takes place during the course of a game. Roulette can pay you 35-to-1 if you hit a number. Craps has high odds for certain combinations. But they aren't "jackpots," per se.

But when you go into the online casino looking for jackpots, video poker can work for you quite nicely. It certainly is not a game you are altogether unfamiliar with; in fact, you may have played before you were even old enough to enter a casino - poker, that is. And you've got Royal Flushes and Five of a Kind combinations (in games with wild cards) that can offer some spectacular payouts. But is this a game you should undertake playing if you really don't know all much about it?

It would be easy enough, one supposes, to become familiar with the procedure. If not, there are tutorials that should be available at many of the online casino websites. But one thing that distinguishes video poker form a lot of the other games that are offered online is the fact that there is a strategy that can be employed that doesn't simply involve betting. There is a PLAYING strategy that not only can you utilize, but that a lot of players follow, in order to make the best decision they possibly can, depending on the situation.

We can't go over all of that in this post, not is it our intention. But our strong suggestion is that as long as you are going to be playing a game in which your fate can be improved if you play better, you should become enlightened at least a little bit on exactly how that can happen.

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