Should You Play Blackjack if the Rules Are Not to Your Liking?

October 17, 2013

Let's say you are in your favorite casino, and endeavoring to play your favorite game, which for purposes of our discussion would be blackjack. You start to play and you realize that there is something about the rules you don't like. Maybe it is the absence of a particular option you may have had in a land-based casino that you don't have in this case. Maybe it's that you have to make a minimum bet that is too steep. Perhaps you're at the other end of the scale, and can't really bet as much as you want to. And you're unhappy about it.

Is there something you can do about this dilemma? Well, obviously there is.

Within many of the online casinos that are progressive in any way, shape or form are multiple options for playing blackjack. It would be very unusual for you to not be able to find at least four of five of them. Usually with a "variation" on blackjack comes a variation on the rules, whether it's subtle or very pronounced. This is designed t give you some choices.

But sometimes those choices can't be found at one casino. This is why we can recommend, whenever possible, that you have accounts at more than one online casino. You will be able to do some "shopping" and find a game with rules to your linking.

Let's face it; some games allow you to surrender your hand to the house if you don't like it, permitting you to save half the hand. That's a good rule to have if you know how to use it. But some places don't offer it. Some may not even let you double down on any two cards. If you have the opportunity to go from one casino to another you can have the freedom to find a casino with a set of rules that are to your liking.

You may not find ALL the rules you want included in one game; at least a game that resembles a conventional blackjack variation, but you will have a pretty good shot to pick and choose if you can find a casino that uses, say, Microgaming or Playtech software. They present the widest variety in the way of options. If you have signed up with a Microgaming casino that carries that online software company's full suite of games, you may come across over two dozen different blackjack games, which encompass rules differences as well as bet levels. This is not necessarily an out-and-out plug for Microgaming, mind you; we're just telling you the way it is.

So to sum up, in answering the question that was asked at the top - no, don't play if you do not like the rules. Shop around and find something better.

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