Pokie Bonuses

February 12, 2013

Pokie machines are the most commonly played games in online casinos. Players from around the world take part in the action, often trying to win a progressive jackpot. With so many pokie games available in various casinos, players are rewarded daily with high winnings. Another way players can reap some rewards is to take advantage of pokie bonuses that are offered by the casino. These come in different forms and each casino will have terms and conditions attached. Learning about pokie bonuses can help players receive additional funds and in some cases, play on casino money. Aside from a pokie bonus offered by the casino, the pokie games themselves have bonus offers. This is one of the best ways for players to increase their winnings.

Video pokie games often have at least one bonus round that is available while playing. It is not uncommon for a machine to have multiple bonus rounds. Players are attracted to these bonus rounds and see this as an opportunity to win additional money. In fact, the bonus rounds are what make video pokie games so popular. While the theme of the game and the payouts during regular play are enjoyable, most players are hoping for that bonus round where credits rack up quickly.

There are hundreds of pokie games that offer some great bonus rounds. There are different types of bonuses, so players need to understand how they work before playing the game. Pokie bonuses are either reel based or non-reel based. Reel based bonuses are those that occur directly on the pokie reels. These bonuses are triggered when the player gets certain symbols on the reels. The game will pause and the feature game will begin. These bonuses are very simple, but they can product large wins. Free spins are the most common bonuses for reel based games. Players will win a certain number of free spins and the winnings will be added to the credits in the machine. Some pokie bonuses are hold ‘n spin types where a reel is held in place while others spin, possibly creating huge winning combinations.

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