Play With a "Real Deal" in a Live Casino

October 2, 2013

Most people who are playing in an online casino know that there isn't any funny business going on; in other words, they are not getting a raw deal when it comes to playing a game like blackjack, because it is done using a random number generator, or RNG, that simply deals games like that at random and shuffles after every hand. But there is a certain truth to the idea that it is somewhat impersonal, in that they are not seeing a "face." So it is a process that is more distant than what a lot of people would like.

Are you one of these people?

Then maybe you should look into playing in a "live casino." They're getting a little easier to find, in that more and more online casino organizations are finding that they are profitable, and worth their own investment. They also attract people who are willing to bet more money.

With a live casino, you will use your computer browser to access, without a download, a live video feed that takes you into a physical casino filled with live dealers, who conduct games in real time with the use of stunning technology. In the case of blackjack, that means when the cards come out of the physical shoe, you'll see the cards flash up on your screen. This is done because there are codes on the cards that are detected on the sensors inside the shoe. As the cards come out of the shoe, their value is captured and you can see what they are in real time.

Another result of this is that you get more of a "real deal." That is, the cards are dealt in the same way they are in a Las Vegas casino. You're not dealing with any RNG action, because you can actually see those card coming out. They don't deal far beyond the halfway point in the shoe, but it still gives you something that is more true to life than anything you're likely to play when you are online. O top of that, there is an awful lot of interactivity that is available, as you can chat with other players and the dealer too.

When you give the live casino a try, you'll find that it is an experience like no other. Not to take anything away from what you can get in a downloadable casino software suite or the no-download "Instant Play" version of a casino, this package (which requires absolutely no download either) brings a combination of convenience and live gaming excitement. It's worth investigating.

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