Other Games Can Be Progressive, Aside From Slots

January 26, 2015

You know what a progressive jackpot is, don't you? This is a game with a very sizable jackpot because it is pooled from money that is put into many games across a large network. So you would get the benefit of a huge pool of funds if you were to be fortunate enough to win one of these progressives.

The great thing about a progressive jackpot is that it is realized very suddenly, so there is that added touch of drama as someone could literally become an instant millionaire. At the same time, there is also an element of suspense added to the whole thing, as you get to watch the jackpot growing and growing, simply because displays on the websites of participating casinos show it all in real time.

The beauty of the progressive games is the fact that the money for them does not just come from what is generated at one casino, but many casinos; specifically, a network of casinos that are all linked not by the owners of those operations, but by the online casino software company that powers these casinos. So what we are saying is that outfits such as Microgaming or Playtech has a very expansive network of sites they do business with, and everything for the progressives goes into a central pool of monies from which the jackpots will be derived. And these jackpots can grow in a hurry,. Is there anything that can be better for the player than that?

Admittedly, the lion's share of progressive jackpot games are of the online slots variety. And that makes sense, since slots are the most popular game as it is. And the format of a slot game fits in well, because the combinations that are required in order to hit the jackpot are very difficult to hit, especially as they appear over a five-reel game. But the aficionados of other games are by no means left out of the picture. There are indeed other games that bring progressive jackpots. One of them is video poker, and very prominently so, since this can be programmed very nicely into the achievement of a Royal Flush, for example. In some of these video poker offerings, you might have to get the progression in order from right to left (10-J-Q-K-A).

That is just part of the progressive jackpot universe on other games. We don't know if you play Caribbean Stud, but this is a very popular progressive game. The same can be said of some forms of blackjack; that is, if the casino you are playing in is offering that kind of game.

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