Online Roulette - Some Basic Stuff To Remember

July 23, 2013

The game of roulette is an interesting one, and is played all around the world. It is a game that has taken on a sense of intrigue for many reasons; for one thing, it has been portrayed in movies as a very glamorous thing, and the roulette wheel itself is considered to be a universal symbol for gaming. That having been said, there are people who may be a bit intimidated by the atmosphere, feeling that they are somehow not enough of a "high-roller" to be able to play this game and have it accessible to them. They feel the same about the game of baccarat as well, but in the case of roulette, there is absolutely no need for such consternation. This is truly a game that offers accessibility for one and all, and in fact with the advent of online casino gaming, it becomes something that is no more complicated than just taking the mouse and literally clicking yourself into a game.

When you take a look at the wheel, you are going to see not one, but two versions of the game. There is an American version, which contains all of the numbers from one (1) through 36, along with a zero (0) and double zero (0), and then there is the European version, which has only the single zero. There are other variations of the game available, generally depending on which online casino software company supplies the casino you are playing at, but most of the online destinations have those two variations for you to choose from.

With either of them, you will notice that, glancing at the wheel, the numbers are in no particular order, and this is intentional, because the purveyors of these games want to avoid the possibility of biases. And there is no specific "red, then black" order either. Besides, when you are playing the game of roulette online you are engaging in a game that is governed by a random number generator anyway, so it doesn't much matter which numbers are next to each other on the wheel anyway. Almost half the numbers are red, and almost half the numbers are black. Yes, there are 18 of each, but you have to remember that the zeros (whether it be on the American or European game) are green, so there will never will be a situation where you will make a bet on a red number and have a 50% chance to win. In fact, the existence of zeroes is where the house derives its edge in the game of roulette.

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