Online Casino Etiquette -- How to Deal with Customer Support

August 4, 2014

Is there such a thing as "online casino etiquette"? It's not a term that is usually associated with playing in an online casino. After all, it's a lot different than showing up in person at a land-based casino, when you are there in the flesh. At that point, your behavior becomes a bigger issue. When you are playing over your laptop or on your mobile, you can wear whatever you want - well, as long is it agrees with the decorum in your own household.

Is there a certain way for you to conduct yourself when you are playing online? Well, let's just say that there are some things that you probably shouldn't do. Don't make yourself a pain in the neck. We realize that online casinos have customer service departments, and those departments are trained to be responsive to customer inquires. They are not going to penalize you for coming to them with a multitude of issues, but try not to do it gratuitously. In other words, if it is something that you can possibly figure out on your own, do just that. Many of the casinos have a page available in their "Help" section with an FAQ area. These handle common questions that people have about various problems that come up, and which are relatively common.

Your best bet is to avail yourself of this resource as a way of addressing certain issues, and you may find that there is something you can deal with on your own. If your issue is outside the scope of all this, or if you have a problem with an online casino deposit, then perhaps it is entirely appropriate for you to contact customer service.

And when you do that, don't be irate. The last thing the casino wants is a customer that is unhappy, so operate under the assumption that they come into the interaction with a spirit of helpfulness. Don't get nasty and confrontational with them, especially if you take advantage of the telephone option. That's where your "personality" can come all the way out. One thing you don't want to do is get the reputation of someone who is extremely hard to deal with, because human nature is that you are probably going to get helped less, or more slowly, on the other end.

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