Online Casino Bonuses: Look Below the Surface

November 6, 2013

Everyone knows that one of the major attractions for a customer toward an online casino is the bonus that is offered. All players like to get off to a great start, and all of them want to feel like they are getting something for nothing. In actuality, it is all about "value," so that, in the kind of parlance casino marketers like to use, these are the kinds of things that add to the casino experience.

Indeed, they can. Most bonuses you can get when you sign up for a casino require that they be matched with a deposit that is equal to the amount of the bonus itself. Of course there are exceptions. You might find a 300% bonus, for example, at some casinos, and that could appear to be a very strong offer. We're not saying it wouldn't be, but you have to be careful to check into what is required for you to actually CASH that bonus. Remember, no bonus does you any good if you can't redeem it.

Generally speaking, the more arduous the wagering requirements are in order to cash that bonus. You may have to turn over more wagering after you have established yourself as a real money player with a 300% bonus than you would with a 50% or 100% bonus. You also could find yourself more restricted in terms of what games you can use to get credit toward the bonus. One thing to keep in mind is that then you get a bonus, there are certain games that are good toward that bonus. Not all of the games apply, and if you read the fine print (although it is in plain view) you will see which games the bonus does NOT apply to.

You may even find a situation where the bonus is only good for slots, and or only worthwhile IF you play slots. In circumstances like that, does it make sense for you to make the deposit and seek the bonus, if there is no way you are going to cash it? The same may apply for table games. And you may find a multiple-part bonus; in other words, one that comes in several stages, continuing to give you bonus money with each deposit. Again, check to see what this entails, because you may have to make, say, three deposits in a seven-day period after you sign up in order to take advantage of this bonus program.

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