Know Your Limits - Either Way - In The Online Casino

September 22, 2014

When you are playing in the online casino, you obviously want to be able to hang in there as long as possible. Not only that, you want to put yourself in a position to win in any single playing session. what's more, if you are playing and actually winning, it may be in your best interests to establish a certain number at which point you will be satisfied and live to play another day, with a little profit in your account. The latter is a major challenge for most online casino customers, as we are going to discuss in a second.

But the point of this piece is to demonstrate that it really makes a lot of sense to exercise some discipline, but going even one step beyond that, it is very wise to have concrete numbers at which to set milestones that will trigger you to put an end to you playing session.

Of course, one of the important figures is called a "stop loss," which you may be familiar with if you follow the stock market. In that instance, you can set a limit as to what you can lose on any one trade. In the casino, you have to impose this yourself, and so it is going to be the amount of money that you are prepared to lose in any one session before stopping. This is the basis of sound money management, recognizing that you are not going to have a long run advantage in any of these casino games.

You understood that, right? You are going to lose in most sessions, so the decision that you can make for yourself is how much you are going to lose in any one sitting. The stop loss is designed to prevent you from getting out of control. And it is established in order to maintain some proportion. The old saying, "Don't bet money you are not prepared to lose" most certainly applies here.

So why would you want to stop when you are winning? Well, you really wouldn't, but the general nature of online casino games dictates that if you are having much success, that is a cycle that is going to reverse itself at some point. If you have achieved a certain level of profit, and then see that the tide is starting to turn the other way, you may want to then decide at some point that when that starts to happen, it may be appropriate to leave with some of that profit. This may not be a hard-and-fast number, as the dynamics of your session continue to change. But you always want to be aware of it, and not let yourself slide all the way back in the other direction.

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