Know the Difference Between "Real" and Virtual Craps Games

January 11, 2014

There are a lot of land-based casino enthusiasts who love to participate in a good craps game. And there really is no secret why; a game like that carries a lot of excitement. You can see, as the shooter is getting ready to roll the dice and players around the table are either rooting against that shooter or for that shooter, because their own financial fate hangs in the balance. The people who administer the game are caught up in this excitement; many of them will tell you that it's their favorite casino game to work. There is absolutely no question about the fact that craps is the loudest game in a physical casino setting.

As you might imagine, playing the game online is a different ball game altogether. In fact, if the sheer excitement of the atmosphere is your thing, it may take a little getting used to, because there is no way to feed off that, no matter how we tried to promote the idea that you can find chills and thrills in the online casino. Of course, in our opinion there is a lot of excitement to be found in playing the game itself. So let's talk about these differences, in the event that you have never played a game of craps online.

For one thing, this is not a situation where you're going to tell the dealer to take your chips and place them somewhere. You are going to place your own wagers in the places you select, using your mouse to point and click. It will undoubtedly give you more comfort to know that the craps layout in an online game is almost exactly like that which you would find in the brick and mortar casino. But remember, there are no other players at the table, so there really is just an imaginary shooter. When you are playing online craps, you are betting on what that role of the dice is going to do. It's actually a very straight-up proposition.

Craps is not the easiest game in the world to learn, and so it follows that there is an awful lot of orientation that goes into it. Customers who are virtual beginners at the game often get intimidated. Well, we are happy to report that playing online craps reduces this "intimidation" quotient. You are in complete control of the speed at which the game is played. That's very important to consider. In other words, the game can't pass you by. And unlike a land-based casino, you should, if you are playing in an online craps game that is designed by a credible software developer, find a set of rules in the "Help" section that will get you right up to speed, so to speak, on how the game is played. This will, in its own way, help you enjoy the game more.

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