Is It Worth It To Learn Online Poker?

July 7, 2014

Should you learn online poker? Is that where you should devote some of your time in your online gaming journey? We figured it wasn't that bad a question, since that is a game we see all over the place on television. Sooner or later, even if you haven't been engaged in it before, you are probably going to be intrigued enough to want to inquire about it. So here we are, answering that inquiry before even being asked. Isn't that nifty?

If you have done nothing more than play five-card stud at the kitchen table with friends, then you are going to have to become acclimated to the way this game is played online. While you would be relatively familiar with the VALUE of the cards, you need to become acquainted with the format, which is, for the most part, is Texas Hold'em, which is exactly the game you are used to seeing on television.

Actually, the fact that you see it on television will probably get you familiar enough with the format, if you watch it for a while. It's really a very simple version of the game, which doesn't involve any discards. You get two cards in the hole and then everybody else operates with the common cards in the "flop," and the game is largely reliant on nerve.

Because of that, we don't suggest you go in for the high limit tables right away. We were talking to some poker pros the other day, and their very strong suggestion was that if you do even a little studying on the game, and gain some experience playing either on low-limit tables or in the free play format that is available at some the larger poker rooms that have ".net" versions of their sites, you can find plenty of "fish" out there that you can easily have an advantage over. That is to say, these are very casual players who don't have a particularly high skill level and don't know a lot about basic fundamentals, which doesn't make them a whole lot different than gamblers in a lot of games.

You see, as far as our professional friends are concerned, there are a lot of bas habits that people acquire over the years playing Texas Hold'em, and for the majority of them, those habits are very hard to undo. So you could be at a virtual table with someone who is very 'experienced" and it won't make a bit of difference, because the most significant experience that player has is the experience of losing.

So you may want to go get 'em!

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