In Gambling, Emotions Must Always Be in Check

September 7, 2014

Have you ever played poker and gotten stung by a really bad beat? That hurts, doesn't it? I'm sure you would agree that you would probably rather play badly than to play well and lose when there is no way would figured you could, and the reason is that you don't want to waste those situations. But you are going to find yourself in these positions, and you need to be prepared.

It doesn't only apply to poker, but to all casino games. We just use poker because it is a slower moving process, so as a result your expectations continue to build, until they are at a maximum, and when you lose in some sensational fashion it is especially tough to take.

How can you possibly handle situations like this? It is very easy for us to tell you to collect yourself and just move on to the next round of play. You're pissed, and you want to get it all back at the very first opportunity, don't you? We know you do.

But we would advise you STRONGLY to take a break, if the anger is about to get the best of you. There is no less effective gambler than one who is letting very strong emotions govern his or her play. It will invariably lead to over-betting, and sometimes poor playing decisions. That compounds your issue; of this much you can be assured. After all, you can't just haul off and punch somebody in a casino atmosphere, because that doesn't solve anything. And you don't want to start throwing that computer around.

Is it so hard to get up and walk away from the table, or the computer? We think you'll discover that in your daily life, you can get very upset with a friend, a spouse, a stranger, and may consider doing something reasonable folks might consider irrational. But if you take some time and do nothing, you will reconsider it and let reason take over. Do the same in gambling. Don't let your anger push you into a place you shouldn't be.

If you have the discipline to follow a pre-set betting pattern under normal circumstances, you need to have the mental strength to continue that. And while you at it, take into consideration one other important thing as well - you are going to, in the long run, be on the winning side of as many situations that are bad beats for other players then you suffer yourself.

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