Get Yourself Educated About Online Casino Bonuses

July 3, 2013

If you are very interested in becoming an online casino customer, or want to be one that is more well-educated, one of the things you need to know about is the value of bonus programs. It is no secret to anyone who has shopped for an online casino that the signup bonus is literally the first thing you are hit with, and so it would behoove any potential player to know exactly what they are getting into.

Bonus programs exist in the first place as an inducement for someone to sign up with a real money account. The idea is to introduce something that will add to the playing bankroll, and in this pursuit the more aggressive casinos are engaged in a battle to outdo each other to attract customers.

Generally speaking, a bonus is expressed a a percentage that is based on the amount of money that a player deposits. For example, a bonus deal that is by no means unusual involves offering a player 100% of the initial deposit they make. So if $100 is used to open an account, the new customer has a chance to turn that into $200 by simply playing enough in the casino to satisfy a "wagering requirement." Naturally the trick is to avoid running out of money before you meet that requirement. Players who know what they are doing can figure out a way to stretch their bankroll.

Which bonus programs are best? Well, realistically that depends on what you are interested in. A 100% bonus that requires you to play 25 times the initial deposit plus bonus is certainly better than that requires you to play 30 times (or "30x"); that makes perfect sense. But there are also some bonus programs that can offer you the 100%, or perhaps even more, on multiple deposits, so they don't necessarily forget about you once they have initially signed up.

As long as your wagering requirement is reasonable, you can use a bonus to get more value out of your online gambling experience. Be mindful, though, that bonuses generally favor slot (pokie) players, so the play requirements there are usually much more achievable than they are for those who play in table games. Our suggestion, if you are, say, a blackjack player, is to seek out a casino that may offer a dedicated blackjack or table games bonus, and see how appetizing the offer is along those lines. Truly it's just a matter of matching up your needs with the right kind of bonus to fit it.

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