Get the "Social" Aspect Going with Live Dealer Games

September 1, 2014

Are you one of those players who likes to be somewhat "social" when you are playing your favorite casino games? This is probably one of the reasons folks like to go into a land-based casino in the first place. What's great about the online casino industry is that they are innovative enough to recognize this kind of thing. And that is why they have constructed a way to afford the customer the best of both worlds.

If you are not familiar with the idea of playing in what is known as a "live dealer casino," then you need to be. If you think you might want the choice of having the convenience of being able to stay at home on your computer, while at the same benefiting from the interaction you can have, not only with the "house" but with the other players as well, then the live dealer option is most definitely something you want to explore.

The way it works is actually quite simple, and it doesn't even require a download. You click your way into the "Live" casino option and you are confronted with an atmosphere that is very unique. Through a video feed which comes in real time, you are greeted by the dealer by name. She (usually it's a woman, and an attractive one at that) doesn't see you, but she knows when you've arrived. She is in a physical location that operates somewhat like a studio. When she deals the games, there are censors available that communicate information almost immediately into a data center that then sends it to you. That is how you know what cards you have been dealt, or the number you have hit.

The live casino deals blackjack, baccarat and roulette, and while they are all intriguing, it should be noted that the dynamic of blackjack is the one that is potentially changed the most, since the cards are literally dealt right out of the shoe, rather than distributed through a random number generator (RNG). Typically you will be playing with a six or eight-deck shoe, however, and about half of that will be dealt.

The most interesting part of this may be that there is a live chat mechanism in the program itself. You can chat with the dealer while the game is happening, as well as the other players. You see, while you are sitting at the table, there are others in various locations who are sitting there as well. So everybody has the opportunity to play just like they would at a "real" table. And that's cool.

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