Flip the "Switch" and You Have a New Blackjack Variation

February 2, 2015

If you were in a land-based casino, you would have a rather difficult time taking advantage of a dozen or more variations of any casino game, simply because you would have a hard time finding them. Such is not the case - ever - when you are playing in an online casino, where the number of games and variations available is limited only by the imagination (and of course the casino software provider). But it is well-known that if you are a casual player, there is a certain pleasure that can be derived from being able to partake in variations of a game like blackjack.

Some of the online casinos you visit may have a variation of blackjack that is known as "Blackjack Switch." This is interesting enough to investigate, for certain. And what many players enjoy about it is the fact that offers options; namely, the opportunity to switch card between two hands you are dealt, in the pursuit of making better hands for yourself. In some cases, a player can improve both hands, and that is where the true objective can be met.

This was originally conceived out of the frustration of someone playing blackjack in a casino, who saw that the two hands he as dealt could be so much better, if he could only switch the top cards in each of the hands. So he developed a new game - a little over a decade ago - that he presented to the folks at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, and it attracted considerable interest. Since then it has been adopted by some land-based casinos, as well as the internet, where it has found a home with the help of the people from Playtech.

In the game, the player receives two hands, each of which is accompanied by an equal wager. After the initial deal, the player is offered the option to switch the top cards in each of the hands. After this decision, the hands are played out like they would in any game of blackjack. Hands can indeed instantly go from being "stiff" to being "pat," and of course the player sometimes has to exhibit skill in doing this.

Naturally, you don't get to do this unless you give up something in return. In this case, the house does not bust with a 22; in fact, this total will tie, or push, with any player's 21 that is NOT the product of a two-card natural, which will win regardless. In some versions of this, the house will hit soft 17, which can be a bit of an edge for them. All in all, it is something that is worth it for you to experience.

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