eChecks May be Way to Deposit For Some Folks

January 6, 2014

If you're the kind of person who loves to plan an online casino, understands that there are very reputable places to play, and want to learn more and more about it, you may in be interested in what we have to say here. The reason we mention that is that there could be some "veteran" players who aren't even familiar with all of the deposit options they have at their disposal. For example, you may realize that you could write out a check, straight out of your checkbook, stick it in an envelope, go to a FedEx or UPS location, and send it to an online casino, and they will put you in action – eventually. Or, you could do the whole thing online.

That's right – we said you can do it "online." How is that done, you may ask? Well, actually it's very easy. It's done in the form of in eCheck, which is not a brand name or company, but rather a term that is used for something called electronic check. And one of the best things about it is that you really don't need to "understand" anything in particular to allow you to do this.

We can put it quite simply – if you can write a check in your physical checkbook, you can fill out in electronic check just as easily. All you'll have to do, of course, is have the right numbers for your bank account and the bank's routing number. The check appears on screen very much like a regular check would. You simply use your mouse and your keyboard filling in the amount filling in the recipient, as well as the numbers that are specific to your bank and account, and then you will affix an "electronic signature" to it. Then you just send it off. You see, no need for UPS or FedEx at all!

What happens with any electronic check "or eCheck" is that it has the same effect as a check you are going to write. Yes, like a "regular" check, it may take a few days for the funds to actually be available to the casino, but here's the great thing about it: the bank approves the funds very quickly; that is, they do indicate to the merchant that the funds are available. And if they are available, that means you are going to be approved for your casino account and can start playing. If you have a bank account you can write one of these eChecks. And as for your casino withdrawals, the general rule is that it's going to come back through the same source that the deposit came from, so you would expect to receive a check in return. Of course, you're going to get a physical check from the casino, and it will probably be delivered overnight. So you should investigate this casino banking method.

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