Drill Yourself to Learn Better Blackjack Strategy

October 23, 2013

We think you'll agree that when you are going to play a casino game, it makes sense to play it as well as you possibly can. There is no need to hand your money over to the casino without a contest. Certainly one of the games in which you've got a chance to do better than otherwise is blackjack. If you have followed casino gaming at all, you know that blackjack requires a certain amount of skill to play well. And a complete lack of skill will kill you for sure, Play your hands badly and it will cost you.

So how do you get up to snuff? Practice, that's how. What you want to do is get familiar with all the different hand combinations and how they will play against any dealer up-card. That way you will be ready for any occasion, as you should be.

Want to do this efficiently? Take yourself through a hand drill. For this you can actually take out a physical deck of cards. Take one of the cards out and lay it down face-up. That is the dealer up-card. you'll use. Then just start dealing hands to yourself and make the correct decisions according to Basic Strategy against the dealer up-card that is showing. Continue to deal cards out to yourself; it is probably most practical to deal yourself one hand at a time, but you want to go to two, or even three. Remember, some of the blackjack games that you will find in an online casino will allow you to play more than one hand. if you can't access one, shop around.

When you have dealt enough hands to yourself, switch dealer up cards and deal some more. This will set up a whole new group of strategy decisions for you. Just keep going and going. Do it for about an hour, and then play in the online casino. If you feel it's necessary, play the "Fun" mode. Get a feel for things. You'll find that you can make your decisions quicker and easier. The idea is for these decisions to become second nature to you.

When you are counting cards, playing in a game that is governed by a random number generator (RNG) would prevent you from implementing the count effectively. But if you are just trying a Basic Strategy game, it really doesn't matter if you are playing online or in a physical setting. what we're saying is that this drill will do you some good even if you are playing a game of online blackjack.

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