Discipline a Key to Blackack Success

April 13, 2015

When we talk about "success" as it pertains to blackjack in an online casino, there may be a different standard that applies then what might be the case in a land-based casino. That is to say, the game is dealt a little differently, so if you want to execute certain techniques such as "card counting," you're not going to be able to do it online because of the presence of the Random Number Generator, which deals out each hand randomly by reshuffling the whole deck. Remember it does not take but a split second to do this when it's part of a computer program, while in a land-based casino it would take some time and undoubtedly eat from the casino's profits. There is a certain similarity, however, to playing in a "live dealer casino" in which you are on a laptop or desktop computer and are literally locked into a physical casino location in real time.

Whichever environment you're playing in, you must remember that if you want any chance of coming out of it a winner, or close to break-even, you are going to have to exercise some discipline. And that means, first of all, that you are going to have to learn a certain strategy to play with. We have talked in this space before about the Basic Strategy, which is a full set of rules for governing your play that are based on what is mathematically correct for each player versus dealer situation. That is the ONLY way we can suggest you approach the game. And because it is so rigid, it does require strict adherence. In turn, it is mandatory that you have a certain level of discipline if you are going to play it with any degree of proficiency.

So that means "don't play hunches." Yes, you might have a certain phobia about making a specific strategy move. Hopefully if you are playing the Basic Strategy you have something written down on a chart, and we do not recommend that you vary from it. Remember, those things were not put together with handheld calculators; they were developed and refined with high-speed computers and have gone through a lot of tweaking through the years. Believe us when we tell you that the strategy is accurate. And remember that unlike poker, blackjack is more or less "static" game, in the respect that the mathematics remain consistent. So it makes sense that in a scenario such as this one, discipline is absolutely the key!

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