Craps - Using the Odds Bet to Your Advantage

March 3, 2014

We don't know if you realize this, but under certain circumstances you could be better off playing the game of craps than you can playing the other casino games, whether it is online or in the physical environment. However, doing this requires a couple of things that are very important: (1) You must know the rules, and (2) You must know the odds. If you don't know these things, you should not even continue.

But if you are okay along these lines, you might be aware that by far, the bets through which you will be giving up the least advantage to the house in the game of craps are the Pass Line bet, the Don't Pass bet, the Come bet and the Don't Come bet. With all of these, you are at approximately a 1.4% disadvantage against the house, and that is not all bad.

But that is far from being the end of the story. You can add something to your activity that is known as the "odds bet." This is a supplemental bet that you will be able to place at the craps table, although it does not happen before the shooter rolls the dice the first time, otherwise known as the "come out roll." And you don't place this wager independently. What you are going to do with the odds bet is use it to follow your Pass Line bet, doing so after the shooter sets the initial point. It gets placed right behind your initial Pass Line wager.

Then what happens is this: if the shooter makes the point, you get paid off and even money on the Pass Line bet, BUT you get paid off at the true odds for the odds bet. What ever those true odds are will depend on what point was made. By way of illustration, if the point was 4 or 10, the payout is 2-1. If the point was 5 or 9, you get paid 3-2. And if the point was 6 or 8, the odds bet pays 6-5.

Smart players like to place the odds bet, because it's therefore very good reason. It has strength and significance because the Pass Line bet with single odds can reduce the house edge by 40%, from 1.41% down to .85%. If you don't think that is worth it, then you left never been in a crap game. This is the way you learn how to reduce the odds against you and preserve your bankroll when you are playing online craps.

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