Craps - Sound Like a Pro: Part 3

March 21, 2015

You know that you don't want to get caught in a dice game not understanding what something means, especially if you are trying to bluff your way into convincing others that you are a big-time player, There is so much to learn, but you want to minimize the chances that you will be caught with a blank stare.

For example, what do the "pips" mean? Gladys Knight has nothing to do with this. But they represent simply the spots that you see on the dice. Usually in a "live" game they are the white dots on the red dice, although when you play online it might look different. But quite simply it tells you what the numbers on the dice are.

What is a "past-post"? You are bound to hear that term if you are playing craps at a physical casino. "NO PAST-POSTING PLEASE." Well, this simply means that after the result of a bet has already been determined, somebody (not you, because you're trustworthy) puts their bet down. In other words, they are cheating. Past-posting is a term that is used in other forms of gambling as well, and is part of the horse racing terminology. In online craps, it is impossible, since there is a point past which you are going to be frozen out of making additional wagers anyway.

What is a "Buffalo" bet? It is when you have made a wager on ALL the hardways in addition to the eleven (11). It can be made as a one-roll bet or something that is an "all day" bet. Oh, and by the way, when you are making a wager that is only good for one roll, you are said to be making a "hop bet," in which you are betting on a specific combination and doing so, obviously, before the roll. And that specific combination - for instance, a nine (9) that is comprised of the six (6) and the three (3) - has to be rolled NEXT. If the combo is not a pair, the payout is 15-1; if you have wagered on a pair and it wins, it is a 30-1 payout.

By the way, if anyone mentions something about the "juice" to you, rest assured that it refers to the built-in percentage for the house on any given bet (the "vig," if you will), and not just to a drink that you would order from the waitress. Are you feeling a little more like a pro now?

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