Craps - Sound Like a Pro: Part 2

March 3, 2015

Okay, it is time for you to learn a little more about talking like a pro when you are playing or in the process of learning the game of craps. We think you would agree that the game becomes a lot more fun when you know how to speak the language. Just don't make a big deal about telling anyone that you have been playing for years or you might wind up in a little over your head.

When you hear the term "back line," we don't want you to get freaked out; that is just another word for the "Don't Pass Line." And then it makes sense that if you hear the term "front line" used, that is synonymous with the "Pass Line." And if you have encountered a "cold table," you are at a place where the shooters are just not making the point.

What does it mean when you bet "aces"? Well, don't confuse that with something you may find at the poker or blackjack table. Aces in craps refers to a roll that totals two (2). So it is the same total that is also referred to as "snake eyes." And when you make a bet on "any craps," you are placing a wager that the next roll will be either a 2, 3 or 12. All of those totals, as we talked about last time out, are "craps."

When someone tells you they are betting on the "Big Eight," what does that mean? Well, if you guessed that it meant that there was a wager on an eight (8) being rolled before a seven (7), you would be absolutely right. There is also a "Big Six," which follows along the same principles, except that it applies to a six (6). And there is also the "Big Red" bet, which refers to a bet on Any Seven happening on the next roll.

What does it mean to throw a number the "hard way" and the "easy way"? Well, a "hard way" bet is one in which you would roll an even number, in which the dice would be a pair; i.e., a roll of a six (6) would be represented by the dice each being a three (3). And the same applies to the totals of four, eight and ten. The hard way bet is a wager that such a thing will be rolled before a seven (7). Naturally the "easy way" bet is one that requires that those aforementioned totals to be anything BUT a pair.

We'll teach you some more in the next post.

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