Craps: Between the Physical and Virtual - Part 1

April 28, 2015

We know that you are probably familiar with the game of craps, even if it is just that you have seen on television. It is a fast-paced game, and brings about a lot of excitement. It may not be the easiest thing in the world to learn, but once you have learned it, you're going to get into a rhythm and catch the fever, so to speak. When you go into a land-based casino environment, you will generally see a crowd of people around the craps table, and they will be rooting for or against the guy or gal with the dice in his or her hand, and that is called the "shooter." And you're likely to hear a lot of noise, because so much depends on what the shooter does.

This is just one example of the kind of scenario that is generated when craps is being played in a physical environment. But of course, there is a big difference between the way it is played in the so-called "real" casino and in the online, or virtual casino. And we are to talk about some of those differences as it applies to your procedure of play and the atmosphere that is created.

One major difference in the procedure is that you aren't going to be throwing your chips around onto the craps table when you are in the online casino. We're going to be more exact about it, pointing and clicking your wager directly into the spot on the layout where you want it. And by the way, the layout is basically the same, no matter where you are playing. So there is not necessarily any "dealer" to instruct as to what to do with your money when you are betting.

Also, there really is no individual who is the shooter. And YOU certainly aren't the shooter either. The shooter is more or less generated by the computer program. So you are making a bet and the dice are coming out. This kind of alleviates the proposition that there is a "hot" shooter at work, helping you win or hurting you. Because in many cases you are going to be the only player in this online craps game, competing directly against the house, it takes some of the social aspects out of the process. Therefore, it becomes more of a solitary game. Maybe that's something that you prefer; maybe it is something that you miss from the land-based game. To each his own. Or hers, as it were.

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