Casino Money Management - Why Wouldn't You Bet the Same Every Time?

October 29, 2013

One of the ways in which a player would be able to exercise a healthy amount of restraint in an online casino is to know when to quit. Another is to understand that moving up in terms of a bet level is not something that is done without reason.

After all, why would you do it? What would make you want to wager more money on one round, spin or hand of play than on the last one? When blackjack players count cards, they know when they have the advantage, if they have done their job well. And on that basis, they would bet more than they did before. You see, in doing something like that there is some rhyme and reason to it.

When you are at a slot game in an online casino, what would make you want to play more of a wager than you did from one spin to the next? Do you have a "hunch" that you are about to win on this particular spin? We've got news for you - there is no such premonition that actually has any substance. We know that because of the structure of slot games in general, and certainly where they are governed by the random number generator (RNG).

On a craps table, is there some reason you would make a larger bet? The dice, whether they are physical or virtual, operate on the basis of independent trials, meaning that there is nothing that has happened on the last roll of the dice that has any effect on what is going to take place on THIS roll of the dice.

Even blackjack, which can be beaten in a physical casino using card counting techniques that take plenty of practice, is not a winning proposition in the online casino, principally because of the randomness of the deal, as we described with the RNG mentioned above. And any responsible authority who instructs people on how to play a better game of blackjack will assure you that when using Basic Strategy, which is "basically" the best thing you can do in an online casino, your only course of prudent action is to wager the same amount of money every time. In other words, do a "flat bet," if you will.

A deviation from this pattern may take place if your bankroll increased and you wanted to make the same bet as a percentage of your bankroll, but any other reason for it, such as chasing previous losses, makes you a problem gambler. Think about it.

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