Casino Comps - By All Means, But Get the Players' Card!

June 23, 2014

We know that the focus on these blogs is on the online gambling business, but at the same time we also realize that you are men and women of the world, meaning that it is altogether possible that you are not only playing with your favorite online casino, but also from time to time in your favorite land-based casinos as well. Certainly if you are online, you have been awarded some freebies and bonuses, from the moment you deposit money in an account to the re-deposit process. But maybe you want to get a few things for "free" when you go to the physical casino location as well. In the spirit of full service, we are happy to help you out with a few suggestions.

First of all, you don't sign up for an account with a land-based casino, but instead have to establish a certain level of play with them in order to qualify for something in the way of a complimentary privilege, or "comp." As anyone with some casino savvy knows, the comp is not just something that is reserved for high-rolling players, although the "whales" are the ones who get the most generous comps in a casino. There is a price to pay for that, however, as if you want a suite or more elaborate accommodation, in addition to the full "R, F & B" treatment (room, food and beverage) or any number of other extras, who will most likely to have to be a player who demonstrates he or she can play AND lose an awful lot of money. In other words if you ever show that you are good at what you do, you're not getting anything.

It is a little different if you are playing in the casino, at least if you are on the slots. It won't matter a whole lot whether you are winning in any single slots session, if you are putting enough action into play, you are going to be recognized; that is, if you go to the customer service desk and apply for a players' card. This is a "club" of sorts that takes on different names, depending on which casino you're at, and when you get it, you stick it into the slot machine and it will automatically track your action, no matter how little it is. Along the way, if you play enough, you will be given comps here and there - maybe a free ticket to the buffet or a free admission to entertainment at the casino. More and more things will come your way with increased action. It is very important in this case to register with the casino and let them know who you are and the card will tell them how good a customer you are!

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