Blackjack - Does Luck Run In Streaks? Don't Believe It

July 11, 2013

Have you been playing a little blackjack in the online casino lately? Certainly it's one of those games where you have to keep your head on straight. That means winning in the psychological part of the game. And yes, it is possible to get caught up in some psychological pitfalls that can easily have you sidetracked at the blackjack table.

How do you avoid some of them? Well, you've got to know what they are first. And then you have to believe in the ways to keep yourself out of trouble.

For instance, undoubtedly you are sitting there and thinking that you can get 'lucky" by going on streaks. We won't say that nothing can be further from the truth, because it can definitely seem that way if you win five or six hands in a row, but by no means should you ever look upon that as a pattern. It is totally unwise to go after a strategy whereby you are going to start increasing, or even doubling, your wagers after your wins because you can just "feel" there is a streak coming. There is no such thing as a "feel" that is successful; there is only the order of the cards as they come out of the deck or shoe, and whatever it is, it is.

And then you've got that philosophy as it works in reverse, meaning that you would be doubling up on bets after losses, under the assumption that the law of averages is going to make you a winner sooner or later. Well, you WILL win sooner or later, but this does not subscribe to anything in the way of a scientific result. If you are doubling bets after losing, otherwise known as a"Martingale" approach, you are liable to exceed the house limit before long, which is going to put you in a world of trouble.

We generally advise people who are not engaged in the practice of "card counting" that there is no real reason to increase bets, so a flat bet is the smartest component of strategy to employ, in conjunction of course with a "Basic Strategy" that lays out the best play to make for every player vs. dealer situation. And as we speak of psychological pitfalls, doing "pseudo-counting" is wholly unadvisable. What we mean by that is, when you are sitting at a table and perceive that you have seen "a lot of little cards" come out, don't, on that basis, come back with a big bet assuming that now "a lot of high cards" will be dealt. There's nothing precise in any of that thinking.

Follow us and avoid these pitfalls, and you'll have a better chance of winning in the online casino.

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