Bets to Avoid in Online Craps

January 12, 2015

We apologize to all of you people who consider yourselves "experts" in the game of craps, but we realize that there are plenty of people who go online and want to experience it for the first time. I is an exciting game to play, although admittedly there is something a little different when you play it online. We've got news for you - a bad bet is a bad bet in craps, whether you are playing the online version or the one that is played in the so-called "physical" casino. There is really no bet in craps that offers you the "best of it," to borrow a popular gambling term. However, there are some that are worst of all. The key in craps is to find those wagers that are the least disadvantageous, if you catch our drift.

The worst bets of all in craps are those we are about to go over. They should be avoided at all costs.

What are especially dangerous to your bankroll are these "one-roll" wagers, because they are going to either win or lose on the next roll, and if it doesn't come out the way you want, you are a loser. Therefore, the odds on the single roll are the odds for the bet itself. .

Let's take the example where you place a wager that an eleven (11) is going to be rolled. So the shooter (which is automatically generated in the online game) has to roll that eleven on the very next roll. The payoff on that wager comes put to 15-to-1. But the odds against the eleven being rolled are actually 17-to-1. The difference is obviously the house's edge. Here, that house edge is 11.11% on this wager, which offers a kind of painful irony.

Let's look at another example; say, when you wager that a two (2) is going to be rolled. In craps lexicon this is known as "snake eyes." That is because each of the dice has to be one (1). When you wager on this number to be rolled next the payout for a winner is 30-to-1. But if you quickly take a look at the odds against this number being rolled, it is 35-to-1. So guess what? This wager is even a worse wager than betting on the eleven. It would make you sick to know that the house edge on this bet is a bloated 13.89%. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these bets!

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