Are Maximum Coins Advisable For Video Poker?

September 15, 2014

We know that there are more than a few "budget" players out there, who want to stretch out their online gambling experience as much as possible. Folks like that would be most likely to bet small whenever possible, not looking to take big risks in proportion to their bankroll. There is nothing wrong with being careful; most of the time we have to convince people not to be too reckless with their money in the online casino. But sometimes a larger outlay is advisable when you want to maximize the value of what you are doing.

There aren't many games where you can actually increase your chances of winning by playing skillfully, but video poker is certainly one of those games. Obviously what you would really like to do, ideally, is to play all your hands the right way, and there is a certain procedure to learn how to do that. But also part of the proper strategy is knowing how to bet your bankroll the right way.

Remember that when you look at the pay tables in a video poker game, the best payouts, proportionally speaking, are available when you are playing five coins, which is the maximum. You will find this in the vast majority of video poker games in the online casino. There are no way two ways about it. So how do you navigate that when you are playing within your bankroll?

Well, first of all, if you have enough bankroll to sustain a maximum bet, do it. You get the "bonus" effect of the payouts on winning hands with five coins, and that means something, particularly with Royal Flushes. But we highly recommend that you not let things get out of hand. if you DO NOT have the bankroll, what we advise you is this - don't necessarily bet fewer coins, but shop around and find a game where the maximum is not so high. If it is for a quarter, it is easier to play five quarters rather than five dollars.

Everybody loves to be in the running to make the big score. We don't blame those folks. But first and foremost is to assure yourself that if you don't come up a winner, you can live and play another day. This is all very fundamental when it comes to online casino money management. Playing at the "maximum" level is something that is relative. Find the basic level of betting that is right for you.

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