About Pai Gow Poker

December 13, 2013

When you are an online casino gaming enthusiast, you might be the type of person who seeks out new adventures. Let's face it; when you go into the land-based casino your experience might be limited to what the venue has room for. If they don't have a certain game or only a table or two to accommodate it, you may not have much of an opportunity to participate. So it's possible that the experience may have the best chance of taking place online.

One of the games that a lot of people have discovered for the first time in its online form is Pai Gow Poker, which is itself a hybrid of two games, if you will - Pai Gow, which is an ancient game from China, and poker, as it is played in the U.S. All one needs is a deck of cards here, as one could imagine, and there is also a joker included in it.

The player gets seven cards in this game, and out of that, two separate hands are made - one that consists of two cards and another that consists of five cards. Aces are the highest rank here, so the best two-card hand you could have is a pair of them. You can make a hand with five Aces, since you could get four of a kind plus the Joker.

In order to win at the game, both of your hands - the two-card and five-card hands - must be higher than those respective hands of the dealer's. When a player wins, that is charged with a 5% commission. when there is a tie, that is a loss for the player. In effect, the only time there is really a "push" between the player and dealer is when one of the player's hands wins and the other loses.

One thing that needs to be clarified about the Joker is that it can only be used in certain ways. For example, we mentioned just a moment ago that it can be used to complete a five of a kind for Aces. Well, Aces are the only hand it can do that for. Otherwise, its purpose is to complete a Straight, a Flush, a Straight Flush or a Royal Flush. So you can't take a Joker and turn a pair of sevens into three sevens.

If you get confused, you can always consult the help files that are included in the online game. The more and more you play, the more and more you'll understand.

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